Features and Benefits of the New Photoshop Elements 10

The new Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 (or PSE10 for short,) is geared towards enthusiasts who either don’t need or can’t afford the full Photoshop version. As a beginner, or enthusiast, it can accomplish basic, key activities when it comes to editing your photos and creating lasting memories. You can share your photos with your social network, as well as easily edit and create photos using automated features.

Photoshop has come a long way since it was first introduced in 1987. Today, it is the number one software program for professionals and hobbyists alike. PSE10 is basically a scaled down version of big brother, CS5. For beginners, there are several Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 training and other online training modules that can walk you step-by-step through each feature. You’ll be creating works of art in no time.

The software is available as both a disk set and as a downloadable product. It will be supported on both a MAC and PC, but check double your OS to make sure it can support the program. It will take up approximately 2.3GB on your hard drive.

The PSE10 has a good work flow in the Guided Edit section and there have been some enhancements over previous versions. Among the changes are the Orton Effect, Picture Stacking and Depth-of-Field Effect. For a full review on what these features are, there are several online training modules to help.

The order within the Guided Edit section has been improved and the editing flow is more natural. The first stage of editing is cropping the image. The crop tool has four crop guides in this version which makes creating the look you want fast and easy.

The Orton Effect is another added feature in this PSE10 version. This allows you to create a dreamy quality to your photos and is perfect for candid shots, photos of animals, children and landscapes. Beautiful photos can be created in less than 10 seconds using the Orton Effect. Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 training modules can show you how to do this effectively.

Scrap bookers will appreciate the new text tools. Among other things, they allow you to make lines of text that follow paths that you create. This means that you can place flowing, curvy text on any shape or object, and then resize or add different effects any way you choose. Again, there are many Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 tutorials that can help beginners, as well as pros.

There is also a new “Object Search” functionality that can locate objects within photos, such as flowers, pets, or landmarks. This can save a tremendous amount of time and effort. The Elements Organizer will detect photos that are duplicates so users can delete them; they can also group similar or collections of photos together for a more organized portfolio.

All in all, the PSE10 version will suit novice photographers and hobbyists who love to create lasting memories for personal use. The internet has a wide array of Adobe Photoshop elements 10 tutorials and online training that guide the user step-by-step.