How to Use Tools Photoshop Elements Tutorial

Even a beginner can put Photoshop Elements to good use and come away with the intended effects. Prior to delving into the complete software, you should master the three most important tools it has to offer: smudge, blur and sharpen. When working on digital images, these three tools are perfect for editing images to achieve the desired affect. So let’s continue on with this Photoshop Elements tutorial…

In order to find the blur and sharpen tool, all you need to do is right-click the ‘smudge’ icon. The smudge tool is very effective for adding in various special effects to an image such as background and foreground compliments. In addition this tool gives you the option of doing the following (to digital images of your choice): you can edit images that are of focus and remove shadows you don’t want to see there. You can also blur both the foreground and the background by bringing the foreground into the background and vise versa. If you find that an image is too sharp or too blurred, the blur and sharpen tools can also be used to achieve the desired effect of either sharper image if too blurry or a more blurry image if too sharp.

If you wish to create darker tones in your digital images, you can do so by editing with the use of the burn tool. If your images have been over-exposed, the burn tool can also highlight details that may have been missed in the original image. The dodge tool is yet another option in this software and it too can be found by right-clicking (this time on the burn icon), however, it should be noted that this particular tool should be used if you want to make your images lighter by bringing out the details caused by shadows in over-exposed pictures.

If you once again right-click on the burn icon, you will find yet another editing function: the sponge tool. If you want to add more color and or brighten an image, the sponge tool can be used to apply saturation to your digital photograph. If you prefer less color and want an image to appear more dull, the sponge tool can also de-saturate the picture. If you want your pictures to look more unique you can apply special affects that will switch up both the foreground and them background. If you’re so inclined, you can even interchange the colors between the foreground and background. The reverse is also possible with this function: the background color can become the foreground color.

The Photoshop Elements software can also be used to alter the colors in your digital images. If you prefer the background in image to be red, you can do that with this software. By clicking on the icon you can also write on that same image in the same color you chose for the background. In other words, you can write on top of the image in red. By using this particular feature you can create some very interesting images.

The above related tools are just some of what you can find and use to enhance your digital images in the Photoshop Elements software. That brings us to an end to this Photoshop Elements Tutorial, but you can find a lot more Photoshop Elements tutorials on the internet.