Is Photoshop Elements The Best Image Editor For The Money?

If you have recently started looking into editing your own photos and computer graphics, you may find the wide array of programs for the purpose confusing. It can be hard to tell which tool offers the best value for your money. The full version of Adobe Photoshop is widely reputed to be the best, and is what is used by professionals, but many of its features go ignored by the average user. There are other programs offered by less popular brand names. These programs may be nearly as high quality as this industry standard, but it can be difficult to know which image editor offers good value and reliability and which is a waste of time. Fortunately, for those who want a known, high-quality image editing program, but don’t want to pay $500 or more, Adobe offers Photoshop Elements.

Photoshop Elements has much the same interface as its big brother, Photoshop CS, and offers many of the same features, but has a lower price tag. This sleeker, simpler version of the classic image editing program contains all the tools you need to easily edit and change photographs and graphics for home or small-scale professional use. It is ideal for the beginner, since it has fewer confusing menus and high-end features, while retaining a wide variety of useful tools. Should the user of Photoshop Elements feel that they have grown out of the program and are constrained by its limitations, it is easy to upgrade to the more professional product without having to learn an entirely new interface. Adobe was one of the first companies to develop image editing software, and has become the industry standard for photo and graphic editing. Their various lines of software are routinely being updated and improved. Because of this, Adobe offers updates to their software at lower prices if you already have a copy. This holds true for both Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

The average user will find that the full version of Adobe Photoshop contains many high-end features and tools that they have paid for, but will simply not use. Unless you are doing a large amount of professional work, routinely using custom color separations and color management, Photoshop Elements should satisfy your photo editing needs without the additional cost. Adobe Photoshop Elements allows the home user to experience the quality and innovation of products from Adobe, without the price tag that has traditionally accompanied them. Photoshop Elements is the best image editor value for the money you spend, and can be easily upgraded if circumstances require. Most users will find that it more than meets their image editing needs.