Learn Photoshop Elements to Make People Look Their Best in Your Digital Photos

Photoshop Elements is able to perform some very practical changes to improve the appearance of people in your digital photographs. Usually they’re subtle. but effective enhancements.

Photoshop Elements is a relatively affordable (under $100) image editing program, based on the much more expensive (over $600) and popular Photoshop. Both are made by Adobe.

It is a program designed with the novice, home-based photographer in mind. But don’t think that you will be limited in your photo-editing capabilities. Elements just doesn’t have some of the features that the full version of Photoshop has which are required by a professional or commercial environment. In fact having a lot of features you’ll never use can just get in the way of you finding what you actually need.

One of the many things that Photoshop Elements is very good at is improving the way people look. And believe me you can make drastic changes in a person’s appearance using this program. But what I want to tell you about are the more subtle tweaks you can apply. Changes that can really help someone look their best without making them look fake.

Red Eye

Let’s start with a very common problem with photos: red eye. Red eye sometimes occurs in photos when a flash is used. More and more newer cameras have a feature that eliminates red eye. But if you do encounter it you can easily fix it with the Red Eye Removal tool. The Red Eye Removal tool is very quick and easy to use. Basically just a click of the mouse will do it.

Glare and Reflections in Glasses

Another common problem is reflections or glare from people wearing glasses. There is a technique for eliminating that using the Healing Brush and Clone tool.

Skin Tones

You can also adjust skin tones. Sometimes people’s skin appears washed out or they have an unnatural color cast to them. There is a function called “Adjust Skin Tone”. This is another easy-to-use feature that can remedy those problems.


If someone happens to have a pimple on their nose when the picture was taken you can use the Spot Healing Brush to easily remove it. Use this tool to remove moles and other blemishes too.

Whiten Teeth

Another easy fix is to whiten someone’s teeth. One of the nice things about Elements is that it lets you control how far to go with these adjustments. You don’t want to go too far with whitening teeth or they will look unnatural.

We have just touched on some of the tools and features of Photoshop Elements in regards to improving the appearance of people in your digital photos. There are many other ways that Elements helps you improve your images. It’s a very powerful program and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.