Take Creativity to the Next Level With Adobe Photoshop Elements 10

The new Photoshop Elements 10 (PSE10) is here and has a lot to offer from its predecessor. Photoshop Elements is similar to Photoshop only it is easier to use and is less complicated, the overall experience is very similar especially in full edit mode. It’s basically a complete tool designed to manage, edit, and enhance all your photographs and it even lets you make your own photo books and greeting cards. If you are new to Photoshop Elements 10 you can easily find some great adobe Photoshop Elements 10 tutorials on the internet that will help you get to know the interface better. There are a number of new and exciting features on the new version and they help you in making your photographs more interesting and there is a lot more you can do now.

The first thing that you will notice is the new guide mode in which the software helps you in creating some stunning effects, you can give a shallow depth of field to the pictures to make the subject stand out more, or even add a diffuse glow to make the picture more dream like. In addition there are numerous other options for effects including breaking up pictures to make a collage.

Making greeting cards has become even easier, with plenty of templates, and additional objects and texts that you can place here ever you want. You can add various paint effects to your pictures to high light a particular color or colors and you can even paint over 100 effects and patterns onto your photo.

Organizing your photos was great with the old Photoshop Elements, but with Elements 10, it’s even more fantastic, you don’t have to add keyword to your pictures any more, you can just type in the objects and object search will find it for you. The organizer has another improvement as well, it will automatically detect photographs that look same or any duplicate photographs and it keeps them together, this way you can easily delete the ones that you don’t want. The photo search has become more intelligent as well, allowing you to search photos with similar colors and characteristics.

Another notable feature is with the crop guide, in which you can improve the composition of the photograph by either applying the rule of thirds or the golden ratio option, and this I believe is very essential as cropping can have a huge effect on the overall photograph.

Tagging your photos for Facebook has become easier, you can tag your friends in Elements 10 and then upload them on Facebook without the need of tagging them again, and it saves up a lot of time as tagging pictures can be cumbersome at times. Lastly, you can make your pictures even more appealing by using the attractive templates for photo books and getting them printed which can be great for showing to friends and family.

You can even get Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 training online if you wish to master it, online training can be very educational and can help you use Photoshop Elements 10 in a much more professional manner.